Literacy and English

The study of language plays an important roll in all language learning and the development of literacy skills.

In developing literacy skills:

To communicate, collaborate and build relationships
To learn to reflect on and explain thinking
To respond to and act on feedback to help the learner improve and to provide sensitive and useful feedback to others
To develop an understanding of how language works and what is special, vibrant and valuable about other languages and cultures
To engage with a rich range of text in different media
To explore the richness and diversity of language, how it affects the learner and the wide range of ways in which the learner and others can be creative

To appreciate the power of language to influence and bring about change
To develop an understanding of relationships, motivations, ideas and actions
To extend and enrich vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading
To take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT

In developing English language skills:

To engage with a wide range of texts and develop an appreciation of the richness and breadth of Scotland’s literary and linguistic heritage

To regularly make choices about what to watch, listen to, read, write and talk about, how to communicate with others and the resources to use

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