Meals are provided each day. The menus (see document) and recipes have been devised to meet the specifications recommended by the Scottish Executive Initiative ‘Hungry for Success’. The meals are varied and appealing, and cost £2.00.

Children of parents in receipt of one of the following benefits are entitled to a free midday meal:
• Income Support
• Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
• Child Tax Credit, but not Working Tax Credit, and where income is less than £16,105 (as      assessed by the Inland Revenue)
• An Asylum seeker receiving support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
• Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance
• Parent or carer is in receipt of Working Tax Credit with an income below the threshold for receipt of maximum Working Tax Credit (currently income below £6,420)
• Universal Credit - where your maximum monthly income from employment does not exceed £610, as shown on your monthly Universal Credit statement.

Information and application forms for free school meals may be obtained from schools and Education Services, 105 Dalrymple St, Greenock, PA15 1HU. In addition such children will be entitled to free milk.

Children, both paying and in receipt of a free school meal, collect a tray and make their way to the servery where they can chose from two main meals or a snack meal, for example, baked potato. There is always fruit and yoghurt available. Soup is served most days. If your child has special dietary requirement, please contact the school.

Parents may, if they wish, provide their children with a packed lunch; please note glass bottles are banned in school. The children having a packed lunch will eat sitting on benches in the dining hall at the same time as those having a school meal. There is a third sitting if you particularly wish your child to sit at a table to eat his/her packed lunch. Should this be the case please inform your child’s teacher in writing. In the warm weather, packed lunches may be enjoyed in the playground with the children sitting at our picnic benches.

Since we are a Health Promoting School we encourage healthy eating at all times. We do not provide tuck and welcome your partnership in sending a healthy snack to be eaten at playtime.

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