Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural Values

Parents from ethnic minority religious communities may request that their children be permitted to be absent from school in order to celebrate recognised religious events. Only written requests detailing the proposed arrangements will be considered. Appropriate requests will be granted on not more than three occasions in any one school session and the pupil will be noted as an authorised absentee in the register.

Sex and Relationship education is an integral part of a school’s Health Education programme. It focuses on the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development of all children. Teachers are central to the delivery of sex education from Primary 1-7 and work in partnership with parents/carers and appropriate health professionals. Parents/carers should be fully informed and consulted on the content and purpose of sex and relationship education in schools, and have the opportunity to raise concerns with school staff. On an occasion where a parent/carer wishes to exercise the right to withdraw his/her child from sex and relationship education they should discuss their concerns and alternative arrangements with school staff. (as per Inverclyde Council’s policy “Sexual Health and Relationship Education”)

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